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Reverse Your Dog's Muscle & Weight Loss in 30 Days

(Without Smelly Powders, Harmful Side Effects, or Steep Prices)







Trusted by 307,230+ pet parents

You Don’t Have To Watch Your Companion Lose Their Spark

Every jump, every fetch, every hyper welcome home – it’s these kinds of moments that make pets a beloved part of our families. 🥰

Don’t you wish your aging dog could keep their size and strength just a bit longer? The HMB in our Muscle Builder formula is a clinically proven solution to help pet parents do just that!

Preserving Your Pup’s Quality Of Life is Easier Than Ever

Restore Muscle And Mobility

Not only will your pet regain lost muscle, but they’ll also enjoy improved mobility. More strength means longer walks, more play, and a visibly happier dog.

Accelerate Recovery from Surgery

Helps dogs rebuild muscle lost due to being inactive after surgery or injury.

Rediscover Their Inner Pup

A low-wagging tail and slowed pace shouldn't define your pet's golden years. Gift them renewed energy, enabling them to embrace activities they once loved.

Trust Built on Solid Science

With over 50 clinical studies and benefits further trusted by professional Greyhound racers, our formula isn’t just another supplement. It's a commitment to excellence.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Getting Them To Take It Is Easy, Too!

A flavorful powder you can add to what they already eat.

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    Seeing your dog age, losing the ability to play and be active, can be truly heart-wrenching.

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    Mix into your dog’s existing food to give them the support their aging muscle needs.

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    Experience the joy of watching your family friend regain their

Veterinarian's Choice

  • Dr. Dilber

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    ‘’Calcium HMB can help maintain and strengthen your dog's muscles. It reduces muscle protein degradation and promotes protein synthesis. This is especially valuable for active or aging dogs. For dogs prone to joint issues, Calcium HMB can be a practical solution to reduce inflammation and enhance joint function, aiding mobility.‘’

  • Dr. Shamsul

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    ‘’This is a game-changer for dogs in need of reducing muscle loss and improving overall strength. From senior dogs looking to maintain their muscle mass to active pups aiming to excel in agility, Calcium HMB caters to a wide range of needs.‘’

  • Dr. Jerry

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

    ‘‘Calcium HMB is an all-in-one super muscle enhancer, helping your furry friend have better joint and muscle development. When combined with Vitamin D, they produce a synergy that is known to drive mind-boggling results in muscle revitalization, reduction in muscle damage and the overall muscular health of the dog"

How We Compare

Clinically Studied HMB

Muscle + Energy

5-Star Flavor

No Allergens







Clinically Proven HMB

Vitamin D

Pork Liver Flavor!

Good value



Natural, Safe For All Breeds & Clinically Proven

Calcium HMB

Proven in clinical studies to help promote and maintain healthy mass gain, especially in aging dogs.

Vitamin D3

Helps effectively support mobility and healthy bones.

Vegetable Protein

Aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

Vegetable Fiber

Helps promote and maintain gut health.

Over 307k+ Happy Dogs And Counting

  • ‘’I’ve been putting this on my 13, almost 14yr. old dachshund/beagle mix’s food for a couple weeks now. She loves the flavor so there are no issues administering it. I have noticed her upper leg/thighs have regained some of their former muscle mass. That’s good enough for me‘’


  • ‘’ I have two large breed dogs that are getting up there in age. Their joints aren't holding up as well as they were a few years ago, but they still love taking hikes and playing. So I try anything possible to buy some more time for them.. The have been taking these for a few days and seem to be enjoying them. They have a great mix of vitamins all older dogs should be getting! ‘’


  • ‘’ I'd like to give this two stars because the taste was SO GOOD my dog jumped on the counter, chewed through the plastic and tried to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Not great. However, because he was so eager and put up such a fight, this is clearly pretty awesome-tasting stuff ‘’


Keep Your Pup As Strong As The Love You Share

Boost Your Dog's Muscle & Weight in 30 Days

Fifth & Fido helps build muscle and strength while also increasing energy and activity levels.

A more youthful dog

Science Backed formula

Results in 4 weeks



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90 Day Money-Back Guarantee
— You Have a Happier More Energetic Dog Or You Don't Pay

If you use a bottle and aren't absolutely elated with a happier more energetic pup, we'll gladly refund your money in full. You don't even need to return your purchase — just email hi at


90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Muscle Loss is A Major Health Problem Facing Our Companions.

HMB is the solution!

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