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1. Gets Your Aging Warrior Back in Action

Help senior pups overcome muscle loss and rediscover their playful puppy power. Imagine the joy of walks without pain, the comfort of climbing stairs with ease. Calcium HMB + Vitamin D join forces to rebuild muscle and reignite those golden years.

2. A Second Youthful Spring

Senior dogs deserve quality time, not just quantity. Our supplement rekindles youthful energy and strength, turning back the clock on playtime and cuddle sessions. Every day becomes a chance to create lasting memories with your furry friend.




3. Bounce Back Fast After Surgery

Speed up your dog's post-surgery recovery with a clinically proven formula. Calcium HMB helps them bounce back from procedures quicker, so you can reunite on adventures sooner. Less healing time means more quality time together.

4. More Bang for your Bark

Why pay double? Our pup superfood delivers muscle-building goodness for less than $1 a serving. That's half the price of our competitors, leaving more kibble in your bowl and more treats in your pocket.

5. Endorsed by Experts, Loved by Dog Owners

We're the top ranked dog muscle builder on Amazon and boast a 5 star rating. We have tons of raving reviews from dog owners and vets alike!

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