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Combat Age Related Muscle Loss in Your Senior Dog

The NEW Muscle Vitamin Guaranteed to Boost Muscle, Supercharge Energy & Keep Aging Dogs Fit

Trusted by 307k+ Senior Dogs

Reverse age related weight loss

Restore mobility & youthfulness

Accelerate recovery from injury




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100% Happiness Guarantee: Use our HMB Muscle Formula for at least four weeks and if you’re not thrilled with the results its free, no questions asked!


How it works

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    Follow the dosage instructions on the label according to your dog's weight

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    Mix into your dog’s existing food to give them the support their aging muscle needs.

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    Experience the joy of watching your family friend regain their youthful energy

You Don’t Have To Watch Your Companion Lose Their Spark

Every jump, every fetch, every hyper welcome home – it’s these kinds of moments that make pets a beloved part of our families. 🥰

Don’t you wish your aging dog could keep their size and strength just a bit longer? The Calcium HMB in this formula is a clinically studied solution to help pet parents do just that!

The Before

Losing hind leg muscles, visible spine

Slowing down, struggling with mobility

Struggling to climb stairs or curbs


The After

Gain healthy muscle and weight

Improved mobility & activity

Energy to run and play again

5 Reasons Why This Pet Supplement Is On Everyones Wishlist 🎉

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1. Gets Your Aging Warrior Back in Action

Help senior pups overcome muscle loss and rediscover their playful puppy power. Imagine the joy of walks without pain, the comfort of climbing stairs with ease. Calcium HMB + Vitamin D join forces to rebuild muscle and reignite those golden years.

2. A Second Youthful Spring

Senior dogs deserve quality time, not just quantity. Our supplement rekindles youthful energy and strength, turning back the clock on playtime and cuddle sessions. Every day becomes a chance to create lasting memories with your furry friend.




3. Bounce Back Fast After Surgery

Speed up your dog's post-surgery recovery with a clinically proven formula. Calcium HMB helps them bounce back from procedures quicker, so you can reunite on adventures sooner. Less healing time means more quality time together.

4. More Bang for your Bark

Why pay double? Our pup superfood delivers muscle-building goodness for less than $1 a serving. That's half the price of our competitors, leaving more kibble in your bowl and more treats in your pocket.

5. Endorsed by Experts, Loved by Dog Owners

We're the top ranked dog muscle builder on Amazon and boast a 5 star rating. We have tons of raving reviews from dog owners and vets alike!


Over 300,000+ Happy Dogs And Counting



Improved Energy


Met Expectations


Value for Money




  • ‘’ As a dalmation owner, I know how important it is to maintain my dog's fitness and mobility as he gets older. Once he turned 8, I noticed he was having a hard time keeping up on our long hikes. After just 2 months, his endurance is back and he can hike all day again! The difference is amazing ‘’

    - Luna

  • ‘’ After my Labrador Retriever tore his ACL, he lost a lot of muscle mass during recovery. I tried this to help him regain his strength and stability. I've noticed a huge improvement in just a month - he can run and jump again without trouble. I'm so glad we found it ‘’

    - James

  • ‘‘Calcium HMB is an all-in-one super muscle enhancer, giving dogs better joint and muscle development. When combined with Vitamin D, they produce a synergy that is known to drive results in muscle revitalization and the overall muscular health of the dog"

    - Dr. Jerry

  • This is a jar of very fine powder with a little spoon included for dosage. It smells and looks like gravy powder - not an unpleasant smell at all. Easy to mix in with the food and from what I can tell it doesnt change the smell or texture

    Happy with this

    - Ray

  • My two dogs definitely approve! I put a couple scoops on their evening meals and they're licking the bowls clean to get any powder that may have been left behind. They both seem to get excited now when they see me grab the jar. I think they view it as a treat.

    - Mike

Science in Every Scoop

Calcium HMB is designed to promote muscle growth and is recognized for its superior effectiveness in maintaining lean muscle mass.

Calcium HMB

Proven in to help promote and maintain healthy mass gain, especially in aging dogs.

Vitamin D

Helps effectively support mobility and healthy bones.

Vegetable Fiber

Helps promote and maintain gut health.

Vegetable Protein

Aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Calcium HMB

    Fifth & Fido helps build muscle and strength while also increasing energy and activity levels.

  • Vitamin D

    Helps to support mobility and healthy bones.

  • Vegetable Fiber

    Helps promote and maintain gut health.

  • Vegetable Protein

    Aids in maintaining a healthy weight.

3 Reasons You'll Love This Senior Dog Superfood

"Calcium HMB is a game-changer for dogs in need of reducing muscle loss and improving overall strength. From senior dogs looking to maintain their muscle mass to active pups, this caters to a wide range of needs" - Dr Shamsul

Muscle Mass

Improved Mobility

Faster Recovery

Weight Gain

Smells Like Gravy

Great for Aging Dogs


Wellness in Every Bite

A great mix of vitamins all older dogs should be getting! Its the easy path to having more quality time with your furry companion


Faster Recovery

Help them bounce back from procedures quicker, so you can reunite on adventures sooner


Tastes Like Gravy

Your dogs will enjoy bowl licking flavor. It'll feel like a rewarding treat!


Sell-Out Risk: HIGH

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