Protect Your Pet's Paws in Extreme Heat

Our dogs may be our best friends but we have to treat them as such - that includes not neglecting their paws. It is easy to do so as it is part of their bodies which we do not really see that often. Little paws are vulnerable and susceptible to various extremes such as the heat and the cold. It is very easy to take our dog out for a pleasant walk and forget about how it's paws may be reacting.

The purpose of paws ...Obviously getting around is the main purpose but did you know that dogs breathe from their paws and that they act as a shock-absorber helping to regulate body temperature. They also have sweat glands in order to cool the dog down.

Risk factors...Whilst we are soaking up the summer sun with our specially adapted footwear our dogs are particularly exposed to paw damage. The heat on asphalt for example can seriously damage your dogs paws as it reaches dangerously high temperatures. This should be avoided at all costs. There is a test you can do - put your hand on the outdoor surface and if you cannot hold it for more than five seconds then your dog should have no contact with it.

Avoiding sun exposure...Grassy areas are a great alternative to concrete and dogs love running around on the grass. Little boots can also be an option if you have no access to grassy environments

Signs and symptoms...If your dog is limping after being out then be concerned. She may also lick or chew the paws and you may notice a change in color of the paw pads.

The solution...

Fifth and Fido Pet's Paw Soother reduces swelling rapidly. Your dog may need antibiotics in addition or even bandaging of the paws if the heat injury is very serious. It is a good idea to have a supply of these just in case but hopefully our best friends paws will survive the summer harm free.