Why Your Dog Hates Baths (And 2 Other Grooming Tips Pros Don’t Tell You)

My customers call me “the dog whisperer” because I can calm the most anxiety prone pets you’ll ever come across.  Collies who can’t stand being combed calm down the very minute their owners bring them to my shop...


Shampoo shunning puppies stop barking the minute they hit my sink…Even the most matted coats other groomers would shave are no match for the pet grooming secrets I’m about to share.

But before I share my grooming secrets, know this…

The real secret is, there is no secret. Because as you’re about to discover, the key to grooming a dog who just doesn’t want to be groomed is simply using high quality products  pets are guaranteed to love.

Let me explain…

1: You Actually Ate My “Top Secret” For Breakfast

Stick with me because you’ve actually seen this before (both in your breakfast bowl and at the spa)…

It’s Oatmeal aloe, the key ingredient in one of my favorite dog shampoos .

Oatmeal has several surprising skin and hair health benefits.

Owners love the shiny coat oatmeal aloe-based shampoos create. Dogs love oatmeal’s skin soothing power (people love it too! That’s why it’s used at people spas—not just dog grooming spas—all over the world).

The minute you switch over to a natural oatmeal dog shampoo, you’ll notice an immediate bath time behavior difference which brings us to #2…

2: All-Natural Products Eliminate the Irritation Dogs Hate

One of the key principles guiding my grooming business is the use of all-natural, synthetic-free grooming products.

From shampoos to cleansers, stain removers to treats, everything I use in my grooming business is made with all-natural ingredients.

Harmful additives and toxins can destroy your dog’s coat, eliminating the natural layer of protective oil that keeps skin from becoming irritated.

Many people discover that the primary reason their dogs dread bath time is because of irritants inside the products you are using.

3: High Quality Tools Equal Pain-Free Results

Your puppy can’t tell you this so I will…

Low quality cutting tools, combs, and clippers cause pain.

From scissors to clippers and nail files, you need to be selective about all of the tools you use to groom your dog.

What I’ve discovered is fairly simple…

Dogs have several types of memory. One of those types is called “procedural” or “associative” memory.

When you train a puppy to “sit” by rewarding her with a treat, you’re tapping into their procedural memory. She associates sitting with reward.

When you use painful, low quality tools to groom your puppy, she begins to associate grooming with pain.

Only Trust Premium Pet Products

Once I discovered the difference all-natural, 100% safe and pain free grooming products made for my business, I went on a search for a highly-rated supplier of natural products and grooming tools.

After a long search (and many in-shop trials), I discovered OmegaPet.  

Instead of mass producing additive-filled shampoos or importing low-quality products that break in a week, OmegaPet researches, develops, and ships natural, high-performance products through the US and Europe.  With over 75,000 orders shipped, and thousands of 5 star Amazon reviews, they seem to make pet owners happy.

Recommended by more customers on Amazon than several more established brands, OmegaPet has quickly become my go-to source for products that eliminate the stress of grooming.

See If My Advice Works for You Risk-Free!

Here’s what may be the best part…

Fifth and Fido offers a 100% money back guarantee on each and every product they offer.  I once had a set of nail clippers that appeared to be damaged in transit.  Within 6 hours of contacting them I had a new pair shipped free of charge.

Checkout their store and read one of the hundreds of reviews left by happy customers.